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Postpartum Body Shape Recovery 1:1 Course - Trial Offer

Postpartum Body Shape Recovery 1:1 Course - Trial Offer

This course is specially designed for new mothers to help restore their prenatal body shape. Our certified personal trainers will guide you through a series of safe and effective exercises focused on strengthening the core, building muscle, and improving physical fitness. Suitable for women with vaginal birth or C-section.

The 5 major selling points of the course include:

  1. Helps restore core muscle strength
  2. builds and strengthens muscles
  3. improve physical fitness
  4. increase energy
  5. improve mental health


Seek your doctor's advice before starting any postpartum exercise program.

Join our postpartum body recovery course today and let our certified personal trainers help you get back into prenatal shape in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Trial Course Validity Period

    The purchase of this trial course is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Please book the course within 6 months of the purchase date, eg if you purchased the trial lesson on 1st September 2023, your trial lesson must be taken by 1st February 2024.

  • refund policy

    Trial lessons, once purchased, are non-transferable or refundable.

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